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Do you want to play poker casino online Malaysia and earn money in profusion? Well, that is not impossible, provided you know the tricks of making it big in play of poker. Apart from the trick and tips which are easily accessible via internet, you should also be in possession of knowledge regarding the latest poker news. Thus, you can arm yourself with the trendiest and smartest moves of the pro players in this game. By integrating those styles in your strategy and aptly exercising them, you will be able to enhance your chance of winning.

Before World Series of Poker 2014 kicked off in Las Vegas towards the end of May, the organization made it public regarding a cross-promotional campaign to give an effective boost to its online poker presence More than a week is over and the decision has left a tremendous positive impact on the website’s traffic, which is believed to have soared to 50% from 97 cash-game participants (an average figure) to 140, its current level. On 2nd June, even experienced a peak of traffic with 373 players though the figure was set back to its current level. 

The feat is very important as cash-game traffic has slumped to 4.4% worldwide at the same time. What is more, the state of Nevada also saw its online poker earning dropped to $792,000 by 14.5% in April. 

Measures Adopted by WSOP

Several measures have been adopted and implemented by WSOP with an aim to optimize exposure to what it is offering online. Among them, the first one is allowing the participants in the tournament to play poker online at the same point of time. The poker players are also allowed to deposit cash online through the casino cage. And last but not the least, WSOP satellites are run daily to broadcast the live events. It needs no mention that Rio is already spiced up with plenty of banners, logos and other advertisements and all those have played an effective role to guide the players to WSOP website. 

According to the journalists reporting this big World Poker event, the organization was sure to have more participants than ever and so has increased the number of personnel as well cage windows. They also emphasized on the significance of bringing the thrill and fun back into their play and also mentioned Rio’s new chairs, zip line attractions and a whole plethora of pre-tournament carnivals meant to keep the players relaxed and entertained. People in larger number are visiting the tourist resorts in Las Vegas, thereby giving a much-required further boost to the website. 

Over 80,000 players from 100 different countries are supposed to participate in the 65 Bracelet Series. 

According to the latest poker news, despite inspiring facts and figures, surge in online traffic is limited to only and has made no reflection in other internet poker rooms of Nevada. Ultimate Poker, which happens to be the second largest site in the state, has managed to maintain an average of 50 cash-game participants while Real Gaming, the third poker room in Nevada, is still going without any customer.

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